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Eastside Select Baseball is a competitive 10U baseball program focused on providing select youngsters with a fun, constructive and rewarding baseball experience.† The Eastside Select Baseball vision includes bringing together competitive youngsters with strong baseball skills, supportive and positive parents and quality coaches to play baseball at the highest level for a specific age group.† Honesty, candor, transparency and accountability are all characteristics of our program.

Mission Statement

Create, develop and mange an age specific and highly competitive baseball team focused on sportsmanship, improvement, quality competition and organization.† The Eastside Select Baseball program will recruit, foster and develop players with impeccable character, above average baseball skills, a strong desire to play the game and committed positive and supportive parents.


The Eastside Select Baseball team is sponsored by local investors and as such, offers a tremendous opportunity for deserving young players with like minded, positive and supportive parents.† Sponsors, team managers and coaches are committed to creating a positive environment in which youngsters are able to gain confidence, learn baseball fundamentals and develop their baseball skills.


The Eastside Select Baseball 10U team will Ďprepareí from November through February and play quality baseball from March through September.† This includes League games, invitational and pony sanctioned tournaments.† The team will also organize a fun road trip to participate in an out of state tournament.†


The Eastside Select Baseball team will include players from communities such as Bellevue, Newcastle, Renton, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish and Issaquah.  Its players will be committed to the game of baseball, athletic, competitive and possess above average skills in more than one of the following categories.

1. Throwing

2. Hitting

3. Catching

4. Running

5. Pitching

6. Catching



In the interest of team success, the Eastside Select Baseball program requires commitment from parents and players alike. Because of the programís significant investment of time, resources and money; investors, team sponsors, managers and coaches have kindly asked players and their parents to review and confirm their level of commitment.

1. The programís preference is that baseball is your playerís priority sport.

2. The programís preference is that this is the only baseball team your player participates on.

3. The programís preference is that your player is available for every tournament.

4. The programís preference is that your player strives to improve their game outside of regularly scheduled practices.

5. The programís preference is that playerís arrive 15 minutes before any practice officially starts. The programís preference is that playerís arrive no later than 45 minutes before any game.


Note:† The Eastside Select Baseball program will do its best to be flexible and accommodating with respect to conflicts, so long as they donít adversely impact the chemistry and dynamics of the team.


The Eastside Select Baseball program has high expectations for its baseball program and those who participate in it.† Because of this, itís important for players, parents and coaches to support these expectations. These include the following:


a. Provide clear and concise communication to players and parents using verbal communication, web sites, e-mail, and other common methods.

b. Provide objectivity with respect to whatís best for the team.

c. Provide a fair and even handed approach with all players and parents.

d. Provide an open door policy with players and parents.

e. Provide an updated schedule of events to insure as much advance notice as possible for practices, games and tournaments.

f. Provide organized practices



a. Respect coaches, umpires, parents, all players,

b. Come to practice every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to improve and learn

c. Come to Play to their ability

d. Practice

e. Winning attitude

f. Listen to the Coaches

g. Have Fun



a. Provide positive reinforcement to their players at all times; there is a method to the madness.

b. Support and help their players be successful with the game of baseball.

c. Do not distract your players with instruction during practices and games.†

d. Focus on the team and all of the players on it; Cheer on the team during games.


Eastside Select will be playing the regular season in the Bellevue Pony league through the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.† We will work to schedule games with other Pony league teams and all star teams in the state of Washington.


Fields will be made available through the Bellevue Boys and Girls club.


The Eastside Select Baseball 10U team will be playing several competitive tournaments in 2010.† Eastside Select Baseball will schedule the most challenging tournaments in and around the State of Washington.  These include, but are not limited to, BPA, Triple Crown and USSSA sanctioned tournaments.

Annual Trip

This year the Eastside Select Baseball program is taking its talented team of 10 year olds to Arizona for the annual Triple Crown Championships in March, 2010.  This is a great opportunity for families and youngsters to play some early season baseball against national competition, take in a spring training game or two and bond as group in the warm weather of Arizona. This is a great opportunity for the entire family to have a lot of fun and create memories for a lifetime.

Off Season Training

The Eastside Select Baseball program takes preparation very seriously.  Each and every Sunday from November, 2009 through the end of February, our players will be participating in a two hour winter conditioning program.  This program, held at one of the finest indoor baseball facilities in the northwest, includes 1 hour of professional instruction per session.  This includes pitching, hitting and defensive instruction by some of the top instructors in the pacific northwest.  Great facilities, professional instruction and an opportunity to enjoy baseball with others who love it as much as you do is what the Eastside Select Baseball program is all about.            

To contact us:

Phone: 425-466-3021

E-mail: troy@eastsideselect.com

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Serving players in the eastern suburbs of Seattle from communities such as Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Newcastle, Redmond, Carnation, and Renton.


Team Sponsorship Opportunities - Wednesday, October 07, 2009
If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a team with Eastside Select Baseball, please contact Troy at 425.466.3021 for more details. 
Eastside Select Baseball Launched - Thursday, August 20, 2009
A new opportunity for Select baseball players on the Eastside. 
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